13 January 2014

Yesterday I said I’d seen a Mollymawk and that it was a big seabird that looks a bit like an Albatross but is smaller. After I’d had a browse through my seabird book I realized a Mollymawk is another name for several kinds of Albatross! So, I’m sorry about that. I don’t know my Molly Mawk’s from my Albert Rosses.

While I was on the phone to Alyson last night I saw what I think was a Yellow nosed Albatross wheeling around. They barely flap their wings at all, just swoop and rise and circle round effortlessly. I rarely see them catching anything but they must always find enough for they are big birds and they must need a lot of feed every day to keep them going.

We had a settled night and this morning the sailing has been a fine reach before the wind in a ENE’ly F3-4. The barometer is still high and the weather is fine and settled. One of the signs of a Pampero is a slowly falling barometer and the wind in the north. So I’m hoping it isn’t going to swing up around a bit.

There were a few oil related ships to the east of me last night. I think they were survey ships by the way they were moving slowly around.

I was stunned by the news yesterday that Davie Henderson had died. I’ve known Davie for over 30 years and had spoken to him not long before leaving. He was a keen follower of this website and a real genuine person. Our sympathies go to Janice and the family.

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