14 December 2013

Two flying fish came onboard last night so it made a welcome change to have fresh fish for breakfast. They are a bit like herring in taste and in bone structure and very nice fried up with some olive oil.

Luckily this wind has held and we continue to make good progress south towards the equator. It was steady all night so no sail changes and a quiet night in for me. Clearer skies today so it has been warm despite the fresh wind.
I was sitting in the cockpit thinking I hadn’t seen any shipping in a while when two seconds later we rose on a wave and there was a ship right ahead of us! She was about four miles away and was crossing us heading north so that was as near as we got to her. She was the Panstellar and looked like a bulk carrier. Her destination on the AIS was given as EG Dam, whatever that means, and she was due to arrive there on Christmas Day.

There are several clumps of seaweed floating around, all of the same kind. It must have broken off from the African coast, as there are no islands near here.
We passed the 3000nm mark just after lunch. It seems a lot but we’ll have done ten times that and more by the time we get back.

Thanks again to all who have sent in cheery and welcome comments. It’s all very appreciated. My best regards to you all.

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