14 November 2013

14th November 2013

Yesterday it looked like we wouldn’t be having a good days run as the wind was very light and we were only making 2kts at most. But by early evening the wind had freshened to a NW F5 and we have been really bowling along since then averaging six knots.

So, our days run is a very respectable 116nm. By noon today we were about 100nm north of La Coruna on the NW corner of Spain. If this wind keeps up we will be clear of the Bay of Biscay by tomorrow (Friday) evening and heading down the west coasts of Spain and Portugal. Biscay is a notorious place for bad weather and we have been lucky to have a fair wind to cross it. We should also benefit from a favourable current once we are on the west coast of Spain, which could add ten to twelve miles a day onto our days run.

The wind generator works less well when we are sailing downwind but the shaft alternator is keeping the batteries topped up not too bad.

We are in one of the main shipping lanes and there’s quite a bit of shipping about. The AIS is a great aid is alerting me to any possible collisions. I wouldn’t want to hit any of those big container ships and damage them.

We are in a new time zone now. I moved the cabin clock back this morning and so we are now one hour behind you. The watch I use for navigation will stay on GMT all the way round.

Many thanks again to everyone who has passed on good wishes. Alyson sends me on any emails that come in so your best wishes do come through to me.

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