15 December 2013

The sea is lumped up here as if there is a counter current and the Routeing chart seems to bear this out. The wind has been up and down all morning. No sooner is a reef slipped out then it needs to be put back in again. We’ve had a lot of rain today as well and I’ve managed to collect over two and a half gallons. Many people would think that as you get nearer to the equator the sun will be hotter, skies clearer and the weather generally brighter. But this region is notorious for squalls, heavy rain and an uncertainty with what the weather will do next. At times today I thought the wind had gone completely but two minutes later it was back up as fresh as ever, very up and down.

We had what I think was a Brown Booby flying around us today. It circled the mast for a while looking to check out a landing spot then it’s tail gave a shudder and I could see it thinking, “Looks a bit iffy trying to get on there!”

That’s about it today. We still are sailing well, even with the variable wind it’s still getting us further south and I just hope it will hold for a bit yet.

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