16 January 2014

The wind backed around to the SE in the late afternoon yesterday and freshened to a F4. We had a fine sail overnight, making good progress and we’re still going well. The wind has backed to the NE and we are running goose winged before it making good speed and on course.
It’s been a warm sunny morning and the sailing has been splendid. High above us an enthusiastic artist with a sweeping hand has been let loose on a blue canvas with a big tub of white paint. He’s drawn long wispy streaks of cirrus right across the sky, some Van Gogh swirls and a section with giant Albatross feathers as well as a gesture to the area.

I had the solar panel out twice today and twice had to put it away because the batteries seemed to be getting too much charge. The first time the shaft alternator was running as well and that can put out a fair amount of amps if it’s turning fast. We have been making 5 – 6kts at times today. Running downwind like this the Aerogen doesn’t do much. It’s not turning today at all in fact. The batteries seem well up anyway.

Some of my lemons had gone mouldy so I took them out on deck and scrubbed them in a basin with salt water. I have about a dozen left now. I’ll miss them when they’re gone as they make a good refreshing drink.

We’ve had a good days run of 107 miles but for the first time the distance point to point on the chart is less than that recorded by the log. The north going Falklands Current is beginning to set against us.

As we passed Mar del Plata the AIS registered a whole fleet of fishing boats and others lying in there. There were over 70 in all. It doesn’t look so big on the chart but it must be a reasonable sized port.
If this wind keeps up we’ll be in the Roarin’ Forties by tomorrow. I hope they don’t roar too loud for us. With any luck they will have laryngitis with all the roaring and will need to rest all next week. We’ll see.

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