19 November 2013

19th November 2013

Through yesterday afternoon the wind had eased a bit and by teatime it was a lot less lumpy than it has been. I had tried several times to send off yesterdays report but either the propagation was bad or the channels were busy or whatever but it wouldn’t send. At 0300 I woke to find the wind had died away to a F3 or so and we were headed towards Canada. I took down the Jib and set the bigger Genoa. The full moon was just past and so there was plenty of light for changing sails. It was the first night since we left that there was no spray or waves breaking over us. I made a cup of tea with two of Marilyn’s, (my sister) oatcakes stuck together with a spread of honey and sat out watching us slip along in the night. Tried again to send stuff to Alyson but nothing was happening.

By 0800 the wind was up again so changing sail again. By 1000 though the sun was out in a blue sky and I could pull off the long drawers that have kept my milky white legs warm up till now. I was below writing up the log at 1030 when I heard the wind getting up. I looked out to see a squall coming in. In two minutes it had gone from blue skies and sun and a fine F4 to heavy rain and F6. I was anxious not to strain the roller leads again so got the pole down double quick and got two reefs in the main. It cleared almost as quick as it had come on and soon we were back up to full sail again.

The Houston Express passed 5 miles south of us bound for New York with a load of containers. Before long she was hull down and soon after disappeared over the horizon. They don’t hang around these container ships.

We were originally heading for a point west of Madeira but the wind has drawn us back east of our course so we will probably pass to the east of the isle now.
We should be past there on Thursday if this wind keeps up.

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