20 February 2014

Andrew pushed Elsi as hard as he ever has last night, keeping sails up as he pressed on North.  He kept the Stay-sail up where he said he really should have lessened the sail area and put up the Storm jib; but he was keen to sail North away from the strong Storm centered just about where he had been this time yesterday.

He now has the sails down, all snugged away ready for the storm which is already building.  He is really hoping he doesn’t drift too far Eastwards back onto his track.  He also is keen to take advantage of rare Easterlies and Southerlies for the 48 hours after the South West storm has blown through.

I mentioned to Andrew he now has his own wee section on the Shetland Libraries website; giving details of the books he has been reading and approximately where he was reading them.  He was highly impressed, flattered and tickled by this.  Its worth having a look at the eclectic selection Andrew has already read, of the 100 or so books he has on board –  ‘Elsi Arrub-reading round the world’ can be seen at www.shetland-library.gov.uk/ElsiArrub.asp  Thanks Karen for doing this.


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