21 November 2013


21st November 2013

As darkness fell last night the wind fell with it. I dropped the main initially as it was slapping and rattling so much then not long after had to drop the genoa and pull in the log. There was just no wind.  It stayed like that all night. I rose at 0100 and thought there was something but it was just light airs on the water. By 0500 though there was a definite breeze beginning to come out of the south west. I got the sails up and we were soon slowly sailing again.

The wind has freshened slowly all day and veered around to the west a bit more so that now, at 1400, we are battering to windward in a F4-5. The days run was, unsurprisingly, the poorest yet at only 39nm. It’s reminiscent of 2006 when I had so much light winds, head winds and calms and later the bottom covered in goose barnacles. There were quite a few poor days runs then.

I think the wind is to veer more into the west overnight so we should be able to hold a better course after that.

We should be in the NE Trade winds shortly so the sailing will be a lot better when we find them. Thanks again for all the good wishes from you that Alyson has passed on, it’s much appreciated.

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