26 December 2013

This time seven years ago I was lying in a hospital bed in Albany, Western Australia minus my appendix, which had burst about a week before. Elsi was drifting around in the South Indian Ocean on her own about 300nm to the south west of me. She ended up drifting for seven weeks before we finally got her back. She was a bit battered and bruised but it’s a testament to her that she survived so long. The cabin door had been flung open at some point but there was barely a bucketful of water in her when the fishermen found her. I’m not sure if it was the weight of goose barnacles on her bottom that kept her upright or the half ton of corned beef I still had onboard. At any rate she had seen some pretty poor weather in that time and it wasn’t great the night they found her either. So we are probably both enjoying this stretch of balmy weather just now running down the Trades under blue skies and warm winds.

The wind has turned more easterly so the swell is aft of the beam now. It makes for easy sailing but the wind generator is less efficient. I haven’t had the solar panels out for a while because I haven’t needed them, there has really been no shortage of wind. But there isn’t much coming from the Aerogen today so tomorrow I’ll probably get the panels out.

We continue to make good progress with daily runs over 100nm per day. We should have another week at least before we start to run into more variable weather.

Many thanks to all of you who sent on Christmas messages and good wishes. It was really good to hear from you all.

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