28 February 2014

There is a strange mixture of light, gusty and strong wind; rough,idle and lumpy seas in this Southern part of the Pacific. Lumpy seas and being battered ahead by strong winds one day, followed by no wind and sails flogging listlessly the next.

Andrew, at times, feels it as one good day followed by two not so good days.  However for us, following him via the log and with the advantage of actually viewing their advancing progress on the “Latest Position”; we can see Andrew and Elsi slowly but surely edging towards the warm Trade winds and a more predictable passage Westwards.

Yesterday they had a good run and managed to gain 50 nm in the right direction – which whilst fighting Nor West winds is no mean achievement.

Andrew spoke with his daughters, Shaela and Mareel this evening which was a big boost for him; the messages from friends and supporters also continue to amaze,  surprise and cheer him.

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