3 February 2014

3rd February 2014

Conditions have been very mixed over the last few days with either very strong or light headwinds, or even no wind at all.  The wind conditions combined with the current, has meant that Elsi and Andrew have been drifting backwards a bit.  Elsi has a shallow draft and she makes a lot of leeway; she also is not efficient at going to windward, so the mixture of strong and light head winds is the reason for Elsi and Andrew not making much headway.   There have been several cruise ships seen over the last few days, notably the Queen Victoria, who followed Andrew through the Straights de los Estados on her way to Ushuaia  and this evening the Chinese vessel Xue long which could be picked up on the AIS.  She is on her way back from Antarctica. This evening a lone albatross cruised by Elsi only feet away emphasizing the sheer size of these amazing sea birds.

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