31 December 2013

The wind has gone round to the north and we are running goose winged with the Genoa poled out to starboard. The whine of the propshaft alternator goes up and down as we surge forward on a wave or level out after it has passed. We’re making 4-5 kts so the alternator is working well and the batteries are getting a good top up.
A tanker passed us just as the sun was setting last night. The MT Ottoman was chugging her way north bound for Casablanca.

We are about 150nm from the Brazilian coast, just a bit too far away to hear the thump of a salsa band for New Year. Rio is just round the corner and there will be some wild parties there tonight!

If this wind keeps up it looks like we’ll have a 100+nm day for the first day of the year so hopefully that will be the case. The current runs slightly stronger in our favour if we keep nearer to the coast. So we will try to hold a course from here to a point off Cabo Corrientes, just south of the entrance to the River Plate. The winds will begin to get more variable soon as we lose the benefit of the Trades and we will just have to take what we are dished out.

I’d like to thank you all for following the website and wish you all the very best for a happy and healthy New Year. I hope the next 12 months are all you want them to be and more. Cheers!

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