4 February 2014

Although frustrated by the light winds and the slow drift backwards at the moment, there have been some delightful moments over the last 24 hours as Elsi and Andrew keep pushing to get round the Horn.  He has been visited by several lone whales, one swimming alongside Elsi and then diving under her hull to come up along the  other side.  In fact, whilst Andrew was giving his latest position over the Sat. phone this evening, a whale was around the boat blowing  but unfortunately it couldn’t be heard over the phone!  Yesterday a lone black dolphin came by, this species have a very distinctive fin and they are apparently not seen very often, although sometimes they swim in schools of four thousand!  They are becoming rarer to see as local fishermen catch them and cut them up for crab bait in their creels.  Once Andrew and Elsi begin to get further north into the pacific, hopefully Andrew will be able to re-establish writing and sending his logs.

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