8 February 2014

Well over 70 messages have been received for Andrew over the last 2 days.  All saying  “Well Done” and “Good Luck”  and from all reaches of the globe.  Thank you to everyone who is following and supporting Andrew.

There are strengthening Westerlies coming in, which is why Andrew has reefed sails right down and why he and Elsi are drifting back towards the Horn.  Andrew has to keep himself and Elsi as safe as possible and so is looking at the best options for the coming 48 hours.  Forecasts change not daily but hourly, which is why he is keeping in touch, via Sat phone, to take account of these subtle but important alterations in the weather.  We have to wait and see what Andrew decides to do; its not easy to  second guess decisions made in the midst of  gales and raging seas at Cape Horn.

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