9 February 2014

Andrew arrived at Calatta Lennox, an anchorage on the East side of Isla Lennox at 10 to 3 his time (10 to 7 GMT).

He said, bizarrely as he was coming into the lee of the island, the wind dropped completely away.  Having battled against  gale force 8, 9 and almost 10 with spin-drift just  lifting of the sea, no wind was almost laughable.  The cockpit of Elsi had filled with water many times during the 36 hour stint back to the Beagle Channel.

Andrew is now anchored out of the gales, hopefully avoiding a severe Westerly which is building up and will be in force by midnight tonight.  He knew he couldn’t stay West of the Horn and so the most seaman-like decision was the one he made, to anchor at Isla Lennox.

As we were speaking on the phone, the Coastguard were on the VHF radio wanting to know his onward route; I could hear Andrew saying, “Cape Horn, The Pacific, Torres Straights, Indian Ocean, Cape of Good Hope, Atlantic, Falmouth!”  Simple and quick to say……

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